Energy Costs & Haulage Delays Could Hike Cost of Toilet Paper

October 13, 2021

Mark Collins and Matt O'Crowley

Tanki 9 Pack

Nobody wants to see panic buying continue, but increased costs on the horizon will not help matters.”
— Matt O´Crowley
SHREWSBURY, SHROPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 13, 2021 / -- Despite every obstacle, the team behind Tanki toilet paper are celebrating their first birthday and enormous growth thanks to the previously unthinkable trend of households buying their loo rolls online and the incredible support from UK homes and businesses. However new challenges in the form of increasing energy costs and a constant struggle to book transport could have a massive impact on costs to consumers, warns the eco friendly company.

“When we started the business we estimated that we might see a pallet or two sold online each month, but to our enormous surprise we are shipping up to 5500 packs per month through our website and Amazon which is mind blowing-whilst this is great news for us, costs are rising steadily and we cannot shield our customers indefinitely, although we will try our very best in the hope that the situation eases soon”, say’s Mark Collins, the Operations Director.

Tanki is currently a finalist for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, widely regarded as an Oscar for the business world which has helped to produce the two newest Dragons in the popular BBC Dragons Den-which if they win just adds to previous plaudits from Maritime UK, the Rural Business Awards and the British Business Bank.
MD, Matt O’Crowley says, “Nothing about the business is run of the mill, we reinvented toilet paper by removing glues and plastics to prevent blockages in wonky bogs and have been blown away by the incredible support given to us by members of the business community who have constantly shown themselves to be the kindest and greatest in the universe-we really couldn’t have made it this far without the wonderful British Spirit…if only it could be bottled!

We’ve battled Covid, we’ve beaten the lack of government support for start ups and now we are raring to go to war with all of the new problems facing us such as haulage and energy issues!”

Tanki is selling nationwide to users of off grid sewage systems and is soon to expand fully into Europe and beyond, with interest from distributors as far afield as Australia.

Matthew O'Crowley
Tanki Ltd
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